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Banja Vrucica: Health Resort known around the World for almost 100 Years


The complex Banja Vrucica located near Teslic is famous for the treatment of heart patients since the old times. The first guests were treated during the Austro-Hungarian rule in BiH, and it is functioning with today’s official name since 1919.

Banja Vrucica is famous name of the health center which is known in the whole region and Europe. Hundreds of heart patients would come after lying in a hospital here to heal. That has not changed even today. The complex is modernized and besides medical facilities, there is also a wellness program for relaxation and sports fields that are made according to the highest standards.

Since it is primarily a health center, special attention is given to pensioners, who have a 10 % discount on all prices, and patients. In order to make things easy, contracts have been concluded with the institutes of Health of RS, Brcko District and Zenica-Doboj Canton. Thus, the social security pays costs of patients in these parts of BiH.

“Banja Vrucica is a business-sports and recreational complex with the largest congress center in BiH with 800 seats. It is a different structure of the halls and all are covered audio-visual equipment. We have the largest wellness center on more than 1,600 square meters, and in 2014 we built a pool on an area of 5,000 m2 with deckchairs and sunshades. It has contributed to the increasing number of tourists from Western Europe and destroy the prejudices about them,” said Bozic.

From the management of the new complex state that they plan to increase the number of nights, and that the last year was the best so far, where they broke a record in the last 25 years. Specifically, they achieved more than 204,000 overnight stays.

“We are one of the strongest centers in the region. Almost 35 % of guests are coming from Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Germany and other Western European countries. All employees, almost 300 of them, are trying to make their staying pleasant and make this center pleasant and modern. We have more than 1,000 beds in four hotels, and we hope to renovate the hotel Bosna as well,” said Bozic.

Sports and recreation complex is extremely rich, within which are volleyball courts, basketball, football and there is also balloon hall with indoor courts. Also, there are stadiums with artificial and natural grass made according to FIFA and UEFA standards.




Source: sarajevotimes


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