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Days of Srpska in Serbia opening ceremony set for September 3


Days of Republika Srpska in Serbia, an event with a total of 25 programmes in 19 cities, will open on September 3 at Kombank Arena in Belgrade and close on September 8, head of the Srpska Representative Office in Belgrade Mladjen Cicovic told Srna on Monday.

According to Cicovic, the event which is this year held for a sixth time in a row, is set to be opened by Srpska President Milorad Dodik with a prior blessing of the Serbian Patriarch Irinej. The closing ceremony is planned to take place at the City Square in Subotica on September 8.

The Srpska Representative Office sticks to the old concept of presenting Republika Srpska’s economy and culture, science and art, and education and sport to Serbia over the course of six or seven days, said Cicovic.

“This year too we will showcase programmes that will give a broad picture of our Republika Srpska through all these areas and with participants from all our regions,” emphasised Cicovic.

The greatest significance of the event is to show that the people from Srpska and Serbia are one nation living on both sides of the Drina River, that they use the same language and same script, practice the same faith and share the same culture, customs and a common desire and hope for a better future, he added.

“The organisers wish to send a message that we are one, united and aware of the people’s strength and desire to preserve all this; that the Serbs are able to preserve their script, language, faith and their states where Serbs will have a future like they had a glorious past,” underlined Cicovic.

Cicovic expects top officials from Srpska and Serbia as well as numerous friends of Srpska’s at this year’s Days of Republika Srpska in Serbia.

The opening ceremony will take place on September 3 at 20.00 CET.


Source: srna


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