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85 percent of B&H citizens favor EU accession


The accession of B&H to the EU is supported by 85 % of polled citizens, 75 % in Republika Srpska and 90 % in the Federation.

In information from the Directorate for European Integration in B&H, it states that 85 percent of polled citizens have a positive opinion of the EU, which is five percent greater than a year earlier, the Council of Ministers said in a statement.

Creation of new jobs is the greatest advantage of EU entry according to 40 percent of respondents, which is twice as high as the number of citizens who think that entry to the EU guarantees peace and political stability.

Just seven percent of respondents think that there are no advantages to EU entry.

A majority of respondents believe that the main disadvantages of entry to the EU include the higher costs of living and taxes, but this answer is significantly lower than in 2012.

Simultaneously, 10 percent of citizens believe EU accession has no disadvantages, which is significantly higher than research performed a year earlier.

More than 35 percent of respondents believe that B&H has the status of a potential candidate for membership in the EU, and 32 percent believe B&H is negotiating EU membership.

Two-thirds of respondents believe that reforms should be implemented to create better living conditions in B&H.

Research showed that B&H citizens wish to be informed on topics related to EU funds, mostly on concrete projects financed by EU funds.


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