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Hydro Power Plant “Bogatici-Nova” put into operation


President of Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik, and the director of “Elektrodistribucija” Pale, Ljubomir Mrda, put into operation HPP “Bogatici-Nova” in the Municipality of Trnovo. This plant has installed power of 9.96 MW and an average annual production of 46.26 million kWh of electricity.

Mrda also noted that the hydroelectric power plant “Bogatici-Nova” is the largest and most modern hydropower plant that was recently constructed in the territory of Republika Srpska, and a lot of knowledge, experience and money were invested in its construction.

“The total value of this investment amounts to 18.5 million BAM and it is an example of good use of our resources and renewable energy sources. The installed power of this hydro power plant is 9.96 MW, the projected annual production is 41 GWh of electricity, and the expected annual income will be around 5 million BAM. This income will enable further development of this company, new investments and new workplaces,” noted Mrda.

He noted that the realization of this project represents a success of both administration and all employees in the company “Elektrodistibucija” Pale.

The hydroelectric power plant was constructed on Zeljeznica River, and the investor is the company “Elektrodistribucija” Pale, which operates within the “Elektroprivreda of the RS”.

Mrda stated that it is one stable, respectable and socially responsible company that invests special efforts to satisfy more than 60,000 users of electricity in a total of 13 municipalities in the eastern part of the RS.





Source: sarajevotimes


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