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900.000 BAM approved for third and fourth child fund


The Government of Republika Srpska has approved BAM 900,000, provided in the 2016 Budget, for the implementation of the Third and Fourth Child Fund Project.In accordance with the Law on Child Protection, as of January 1, 2016, the mothers residing in Republika Srpska, regardless of child’s place of birth, are granted a one-time cash compensation of BAM 450 for the fourth and BAM 600 for the third newborn child.

The Republika Srpska Government Public Relations Bureau announced that the funds will be disbursed via the Public Child Protection Fund, which submits the request for a transfer of funds including the list of women who have just given birth,to the Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports.

The process is regulated by the Instruction on method and procedure for the payment of financial compensation to a mother for newly born third and fourth child under a decision on approval of the placement of funds.

The Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports, the Public Child Protection Fund and the Ministry of Finance For are tasked to implement the above mentioned decision.

The Republika Srpska Government has passed the government’s Proposal for the 2016 Work programme of the Republika Srpska National Assembly.

The Government has approved the Plan Proposal and work Programme of the Republika Srpska Pension and Disability Insurance Fund for 2016.

The 2016 Work Programme of the Republika Srpska Agricultural Institute has also been adopted including the Financial Plan and the Plan of prime minister’s tasks and activities and the establishment of immovable property cadastre for the current year.

Source: SRNA


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