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95 percent of the Serbs on Kosovo fear for their lives!


The report of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) “Pulse if the public” showed that which was presented in Pristina.

The latest six-month UN Development Report “The pulse of the public” presented in Pristina shows that 95 percent of Serbs do not feel safe in Kosovo.

In a survey conducted in late April, which covers the period from October last year to April this year, out of 210 Serb, only 5% of respondents said they felt safe in the streets of Kosovo, the portal RTV Kim reported.

– The number of Serbs who have declared that they feel safe in Kosovo, or very safe on the streets is 5 percent. The percentage of those who declared that they don’t feel safe is slightly higher, 95 percent – Atde Hetimi from the UNDP said while presenting the report.

The decline in satisfaction in the work of central, legislative and judicial institutions is also displayed in this report.

At the same time, only two percent of the Serbs trust the work of the Kosovo Parliament, the institution where their opinions are represented by 10 MPs.

– Half of the respondents (50%) are dissatisfied, or very dissatisfied with the current political direction that Kosovo is taking, while only 15% are satisfied. Normally, if dissatisfaction arises, political protests may also arise, and for this reason, citizens are also asked about their views on the protests. The latest data show that less than 38% of citizens are ready for political protests – the report says.

Unemployment, corruption, and poverty continue to be the three biggest problems that plague most Kosovo citizens.

– When we compare this data on unemployment with data from October last year, we will see that the percentage of those who consider unemployment the biggest problem has fallen by 11 percent. Citizens think that daily problems are also education and health services – Hetimi claims.

The data presented in this report is based on the answers of 1,306 citizens from Kosovo. Among them, there are 210 Serbs and 200 members of other minority communities in Kosovo.


Source: telegraf


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