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A Large Study of the Effects of the Corona on Hearing Done by Serbian Doctors


A team of doctors from the ENT clinics of KC Niš sent the coronavirus to the hearing, and it was shown that enrichment from covid-19 can lead to a mild to moderate drop in listeners at high frequencies.

This is the world’s first comprehensive study of the effect of covid on hearing, says Dušan Milisavljević, director of the RTS ENT clinic.

The director of the ENT clinic, Dušan Milisavljević, said that the expert team was in the red zone and examined the effect of the coronavirus on hearing in moderately severe and severe patients.

“We found mild to moderate listeners at high frequency. This means that the coronavirus can also drop the auditory nerve. We identified patients, called them to check their hearing, and called them to use in the long term, ie to find adequate therapy,” said the director of the ENT clinics.

Based on these data, Milisavljević points out that in some patients, hearing returns within a few weeks, and in some for several months.

The director of the ENT clinic states that dexamethasone, a corticosteroid, is used during the treatment of patients with hearing loss.

Milisavljević states that there are two theories as coronavirus attacks and damage to the auditory nerve.

The first, he says, is that primarily microthrombi that strike the inner ear and make it difficult to vascularize auditory life.

The second, according to him, is the lack of acid in hemoglobin, which makes the auditory nerve difficult.

Milisavljević notes that no one in the world has yet conducted such a comprehensive study of the impact of covid-19 on hearing, and adds that the results of the study will be sent to the management of an American magazine that deals with ENT topics.




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