A Message From the Academy: Srpska Is Moving Forward With a Sure Step


    After the ceremonial defile on the occasion of Republic Day, a ceremonial academy was held in the Borik hall in Banja Luka, attended by Srpska, Serbian officials, ambassadors, representatives of religious communities …

    Srpska President Željka Cvijanović emphasized that we celebrate the 28th birthday of the Republic of Srpska in peace and freedom, proud to have the Republic, determined to protect and strengthen it. He commends that it is the duty of all to respect the sacrifices of those who gave their lives and body parts to Srpska.

    Two anthems were intoned at the Academy and a unique message was sent – the Republic of Srpska will continue for 28 years – for all times, as the slogan of this year’s celebration reads.

    The past, present and future require that we always go the right way and that we are ready to face the challenges, says President of Srpska. The challenge was and still will be, but they can be overcome together.

    Srpska is synonymous with freedom, says Serb Presidency member Milorad Dodik. He tells that it was not only the dream of the generation that created it, but also much earlier in history.

    How much love has been brought in these 28 years to make Srpska a true synonym for freedom.

    For hundreds of years, many generations have dreamed of their own state, freedom. Where we did not have it, we experienced persecution, massacres. I wonder when I see what we’ve been through, how we are, how we live. We have always had the pursuit of freedom, we have become a fact on the political map of the world – said Dodik.

    Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić said she was proud that Serbia was pursuing a policy of helping the Serbian people, but also of co-operation, understanding and peace with its neighbors.

    Everyone is unanimous that culture and education are a roadmap for the future. That was the message of the famous Serbian actor Miloš Biković. He says the Republic of Srpska Day is no ordinary birthday.

    By defending the Republic of Srpska, we are defending Serbs – Biković said.

    In the drama part of the academy, the actors recalled how much the Serbian people gave to scientists, writers, athletes and others who are not only significant to their people but to the whole world.




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