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A million EUR for the Construction of the City Square in East Sarajevo


Minister of Finances of Republika Srpska Zoran Tegeltija and Mayor of the Municipality East Novo Sarajevo Ljubisa Cosic signed a contract in which was specified the way of using funds in the amount of one million EUR. These funds were donated by the Government of Serbia to this local community for the construction of the city square.

Cosic said that they signed the contract that determines the way of directing the donated funds to the contractor, i.e. to the company that will be selected on the tender, and they stated that the creation of the main project for the city square that will occupy 8,000 square meters is in the final phase.

“The construction project is in its final phase and we are expecting to announce the tender for selection of a contractor by the December 15,” stated Mayor Cosic, and he expressed his hope that works on the project will be completed by March 2018.

He also added that this is the largest infrastructure project, with the exception of the construction of the Hospital East Sarajevo.

When it comes to the opening of new workplaces, Mayor Cosic also stated that there are many projects that are performed from regular budget funds.

Cosic also said that the construction of a business zone that is taking place in the area of the municipality will be completed by the middle of next year when there is an agreement with five or six businessmen who are planning to construct business objects.






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