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A Professor From Serbia Solved a Mathematical Problem From Ancient Times


Beran mathematics professor Veselin Rmuš proved at the International Conference in Tokyo that it is possible to construct the quadrature of a circle, one of the three famous problems raised in ancient times (from 600 to 450 BC).

Rmuš received the award for the best work presented in the field of mathematics.

“Professor Rmuš published a paper entitled ‘Circle Square Constructions, Cube Divisions and Angle Trisection’ as a whole, published in the 2017 Military Technical Gazette, and for the first time during the Tokyo conference presented a solution to one of three Greek quadrature problems – circle quadrature and explained the original method for constructing squares of the same surface as a given circle using only a ruler and cones.

Rmuš came up with a series of formulas resulting from his main formula for equal areas of a square and a circle, ” his daughter Marina Rmuš said in a statement.

During the International Conference on Applied Mathematics and Physics, held from 10 to 12 January at the University of Heard in Tokyo, where 70 eminent mathematicians and physicists from 21 countries presented papers, Professor Rmuš explained the applicability of his formulas in construction and architecture.

“In his evidence, he went a step further, explaining that apart from the area of ​​the square and the circle, he also explained that it was possible to construct a pyramid and a heap of equal volume, taking the example of the Keops pyramid,” the statement said.

The conference in Tokyo was organized by the Society of Asian Explorers.


Source: Nezavisne novine


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