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A Serb in the Guinness Book of Records: He Talked Nonstop for Six and a Half Hours


Serbia had European champions in football, basketball, water polo … But few know that Serbia has a European champion in giving the toast.

Mladomir Protić, from Milićy village near Požega, once won this prestigious award and entered the Guinness Book of Records after constantly talking, no less – no more than six and a half hours!

“In all that time, I have not repeated a single toast or read anything. I was saying everything out of my mind. I don’t even know where so many words came from, nothing was hard for me, I just ran out of air and all I needed was a glass of water to refresh my throat, “Mladomir told RINA at a unique toast competition held in Novi Sad in 2008 in the competition of 40 competitors won first place.

He discovered his talent by accident 15 years ago, and since then the toasts have been falling one by one, and with Mladomir’s words, increasing manifestations have opened in Western Serbia.

“The first time I came out in front of an audience, I had a tremendous amount of anxiety, I barely uttered words, but over time, it turned into a positive tremor that keeps me going. I am most encouraged by the applause I hear from the audience, ” Mladomir says, explaining how much toast actually means to  Serbian people.

“Toast is like the Serbian gospel, and it hides the most sincere and most beautiful wishes for those to whom they are intended. And there is no good toast without a glass of brandy or wine, that order and custom must be known, ” said Mladomir.

In addition to being flawlessly and inspiring for over a decade, Mladomir has also written several thousand poems, which are packaged in four books, which he says are memorable. And, all the profits from the sale of books, medicine and agriculture, he decided to invest in building a church on his property.




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