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A Story of a Company that expanded from Germany to BiH


The company “Webo Bosnia” employs a total of 15 workers in Derventa, of which 13 are mechanical engineers. They are dealing with design of tools for the production of parts for automotive manual transmissions in 3D.

The company “Webo” was established in Germany back in 2008 and they currently have 140 employees. They expanded their business operations to the USA, Japan, Asia, and their headquarters in BiH are located in Derventa.

“The project of the production hall and administrative building was prepared. We are waiting for building permits, but we believe that they will be obtained very soon. We are planning the beginning of works by the end of the year,” stated Babic and noted very good cooperation with the local community and Mayor Milorad Simic.

“After the construction of a hall and an administrative building, we are planning to employ a total of 30 engineers and 10 more workers in the production sector. We already have a need for locksmiths that we would send to Germany on a six months long paid training,” as stated from this company.

“I heard about this company from my colleagues and I decided to apply for the job. I am staying here now. Conditions are very good as well as the salary. I previously worked in Bijeljina and Bratunac,” said one of the new employees, Danijel Djeordjic.

“This is not just a job for Derventa but for the entire BiH, for our mutual progress. Part of our production will be taking place in Derventa, and between 20 and 25 machine engineers will be employed,” said Simic.




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