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A third-year student of the MIT in the USA, Pavle Lazarevic: Apply ideas in financial market analysis


A third-year student of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology /MIT/ in the USA, Pavle Lazarević from Pale, Republika Srpska, who has a grade point average of 9.33, says that his goal is to get employed in one of the investment funds after graduation and earning master degree, so he can apply his knowledge and ideas in the financial market analysis and the sale-purchase of shares.

Lazarević emphasized that he is honored that his potential has been recognised at the most prestigious institution of engineering and mathematics in the world, adding that he attends two faculties – Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Mathematics.

“Students have many opportunities at the MIT, but it depends on them how they want to use them. If a student wants to do research and learn more besides the classes, the student has the perfect conditions to do it,” Lazarević told SRNA.

Rezultat slika za pavle lazarevic sa pala

He said he was proud of taking part in the research in the speech recognition analysis in the USA.

“The purpose of this research is to create speech recognition software to be used by people with speech difficulties, such as those with Down syndrome or people suffering from Parkinson’s disease,” Lazarević explained.

He added that he had a practical training in a Hamburg-based company last year, where he made two applications that increased efficiency and quality of data processing.

Lazarević said that adapting to the American education system was not bad because he attended the last two grades of high school in the international school in Mostar, which he enrolled after completing the second grade of the Grammar School in Pale.

He decided to continue his education in the USA when, after applying for the MIT, he received information that he was admitted and was awarded a full scholarship.

As a student with grade point average of 9.33, Lazarević is a scholarship holder of the Dr Milan Jelić Fund and says that this scholarship is good for covering travel expenses.

“Given that annual costs at the MIT are more than $ 70,000, and that I also have the opportunity to earn pocket money as a student, this scholarship to me is a sign of support and attention from the country I come from,” Lazarević said

Speaking of plans for the future, Lazarević says he has not made the final decision yet, but his plan is to earn the master degree at the university he has been attending.

“After that, I plan to work in some of the investment funds, a bank or a company that deals with data analysis,” Lazarević said.

Lazarević stated that he likes to spend his free time, which he does have, but not often though, in the gym or swimming, but he also use it to improve himself.

“In addition, I use leisure time to learn some new things, which, in my opinion, can be useful for my career, and which I do not learn at the classes,” Lazarević said.


Source: srna


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