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About BiH’s Membership in the International Olive Oil Council


BiH Ambassador to Spain Danka Savić spoke with Executive Director of the International Olive Oil Council / IOC / Abdellatif Ghedira about the possibilities of BiH membership in this organization, as it is estimated that about 1,500 hectares of land in Herzegovina has predispositions for olive growing.

Savić informed Gedir that BiH has the potential for the development of an olive growing and that, because of climatic conditions, the area of ​​Herzegovina is especially suitable for olive growing, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

Ghedira said membership in the Organization is beneficial for all countries because members are entitled to the assistance of olive experts and the award of scholarships to agronomy students interested in training in the field of olive growing.

He expressed hope that BiH would soon become an IOC member.

The International Olive Council, based in Madrid, is the umbrella institution for olives and olive oil in the world and has 43 member countries.

The IOC is not a UN agency, but the Council works under UN protection and brings together olive experts from around the world.




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