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The Srpska Times is the first English language magazine originating from Republika Srpska with the aim, priority and objective of reporting timely, verified and accurate information on the current events, processes and attitudes (official and public opinion) in Republika Srpska to the international community. Furthermore, it has the aim to increase the level of understanding between Republika Srpska and the international community, to win over the support of the international community for strategic political and economic processes in Republika Srpska, to promote its efforts in its realization of tasks and goals on the road to European integration, to better inform foreign investors of the possibilities and conditions for investment in Republika Srpska and to promote tourism, culture, sport and all other potentials possessed by Republika Srpska.

The Srpska Times is an independent media project that will treat all stakeholders in the public and daily life of the citizens of Republika Srpska in an equal manner and in accordance with professional and ethical standards. News articles will clearly be separated from opinion pieces within the magazine and on the website.

The Srpska Times will deal with issues outside the sphere of daily politics and daily media coverage. It will hold all the institutional decision makers, and those implementing them, accountable for their actions; the same applies to all owners and managers of companies and organization in Republika Srpska. The magazine and website will focus on every action or move which undermines the interests of Republika Srpska and its citizens, as well as every move made towards insuring a better life for the citizens of Republika Srpska.

The Srpska Times is a project of the Portal Media Group and in its initial phase it is financed by the groups resources, donations and advertisements found on the website and in the magazine The Srpska Times. Anyone wanting to contribute to the ideas and visions of The Srpska Times can contact us via email and make a donation. Each donation will be carefully considered and a decision will be made according to really precise criterion that ensures the freedom of editorial policy and professional journalistic work. Information on all donations exceeding 99.00 KM will be published on the website thesrpskatimes.com.

The team creating the content consists of Media Portal’s employees, as well as more than 15 permanent external specialists – journalists, photographers, graphic designers, translators, proofreaders, etc. The team of journalists consists mostly of young, experienced journalists who have worked in print, electronic and new media for most of their careers. All journalists involved in the creation of the content for the magazine and website, during their professional life, have acquired credibility in accordance with the highest standards of journalism and ethics.

The English version of the magazine The Srpska Times will be distributed to targeted addresses belonging to representatives of international organizations, foreign governments and companies of interest to Republika Srpska. An electronic edition of the magazine, also in English, will be available on the website thesrpskatimes.com following the distribution of the printed edition.