Home Entertainment Accordion Orchestra from Ugljevik wins over Sochi

Accordion Orchestra from Ugljevik wins over Sochi


Talented young members of the Accordion Orchestra of Aleksa Santic Elementary School, from Ugljevik, won over many hearts in the Olympic City of Sochi.

Namely, this orchestra from Srpska took part in the Cultural Olympics in Sochi where it performed five concerts and enchanted the audience with the sounds of its traditional music.

The accordion teacher and orchestra leader Slavko Nikolic, said that his pupils were overwhelmed by the great reception they received in Sochi, adding that playing alongside the Olympic torch was an unforgettable moment for the orchestra.

Although sporting competitions are at the forefront of Sochi, a lot of interest is being shown for the Cultural Olympiad which will last for the duration of the Games. By the time the Olympic flame is extinguished in Sochi, approximately 5,000 performers will have participated in the cultural program which has already attracted thousands of spectators.


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