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Additional Incentives to Increase Birth Rates in Srpska


This year, additional incentives to increase birth rates in Srpska.

Apart from the maternity allowance of 405 KM for all unemployed maternity wards, the Government reimburses employers with 100 percent of their gross maternity wage.

Payments, taxes and contributions for maternity employees since January 1 are budgetary.

Since 2011, the number of newborns in Srpska has fallen below 10,000 a year, so every measure is a step up.

– These measures will greatly contribute both to stimulation and to the decision of young married couples to start a family. These measures increase the awareness of the seriousness of the Government or authorities in caring for the people in the Republic of Srpska – said Rade Simeunović from the Association of Families with Four and More Children in Bijeljina.

In this way, childbirth is stimulated and employers are relieved.

– When a worker goes pregnant, we must receive another. It means a lot to us to cover this workplace and to go according to plan, to have no additional cost – says Rado Maletic, director of “Pass”.

Last year, the Fund refunded 80 percent of gross wages to maternity wards and earmarked 39 and a half million for these purposes.

It now completely reimburses gross wages, so the funds are increased.

– In 2020 it will be around 45 million and this trend will continue to grow in 2021, so up to some 50 million KM we expect that in 2021 it will be necessary to allocate funds for this purpose – says Nedeljko Jovic, director of the Public Fund child protection of the Republic of Srpska.

Each maternity wage earner is guaranteed a one-hundred-year salary, or a year and a half – for a third, each succeeding child and twins.

Unemployed mothers in the same period receive a maternity allowance of 405 KM. The requirement that they be on the bureau for at least six months has been abolished.

– In 2019 about 25 million KM was allocated for maternity allowance. With the abolition of these six months, we expect that number will reach safely at 6,000 unemployed maternity wards and that we will allocate the amount that was planned, about 30 million KM for unemployed maternity wages on the basis of maternity allowance – explained Jović.

A new right has been introduced for carers of parents of children with serious physical illnesses, who will receive 25 percent of the lowest wage from next month.

– We will certainly look for a better model in the future than it is now, given that these people should spend 24 hours with their child – says Health Minister Alen Šeranić.

The Child Protection Reform foresees that, by the end of the year, branches and outlets of the Child Protection Fund will be established in all municipalities and cities.

This will allow users to file and resolve cases faster.

In order to exercise the rights of beneficiaries, the budget of the Child Protection Fund is constantly increasing. Compared to 2018 when it was 79 million, 28 million more are planned this year.




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