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After Four Decades, Brankica Dodig Got a Permanent Job at “Jumko”


Needles, threads and multicolored materials have been the everyday life of Brankica Dodig for three decades, creating the finest garments behind the sewing machine.

Recently, this hobby became her job because this valuable housewife is one of 80 women who got a job at the “Jumko” Stationery Factory.

Although she graduated from high school in economics, Brankica never worked in the profession. Before the war, she was briefly employed at a carpet factory and later worked as a merchant in Prnjavor, where she lived during her refugee life. She had no idea that after 40 years at the bureau she would get a job in the textile industry.

Drvar, unfortunately, remained desolate after the war. And that small population that has returned is slowly disappearing. When we returned from a refugee in 2002 and raised the hearthstone from the ashes, we had no idea that the factory from Vranje would open a facility in Drvar and give everyone a chance to work, regardless of their educational background and age. The “Jumko” plant is great hope for the survival of this region – Brankic said with a smile goes to the factory every day, which, according to the announcement of Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić, should be officially opened on January 29th.

Brankica says the sewing job is not difficult and anyone who wants it can quickly master all the sewing techniques.

– Ten colleagues were trained at the factory in Vranje, so they are there for everything we need in order to master all the techniques for the machine – said Brankica, adding that they are currently sewing at the “Jumko” plant in Drvar uniforms for employees of Elektroprivreda Srbije.

She points out that the conditions in which they work are good and that he expects to have solid wages, from which they will be able to live.

– We are grateful to the Republic of Srpska and Serbia, without their help our Drvar and the surrounding municipalities that belonged to the FBiH in Dayton would have long since disappeared – said Brankica.

This sixty-year-old woman from Drvar is a proud mother of a daughter and grandmother of three grandchildren, and soon her fourth grandchildren will add to her joy.

This area, although desolate after being blown by the war whirlwind, is rich in natural resources, and Drvar itself is widely known for its famous brandy made of drainage. Brankica and her husband, nurturing the tradition that was passed down from generation to generation in their household, are also known for producing the famous brandy and jam made from this sweet fruit.

At the traditional manifestation, the Days of Woodworking exhibit their products every year, and several times they have received recognition for their work and efforts. In the household of this valuable Drvarcanka, intentional travelers can still drink a good drop of the famous trench coat, the production of which is largely the responsibility of her husband.

Brankica Dodig says with a smile that she does not remember that there have ever been more news teams in Drvar than there are now.

– There are no days for journalists, television crews, both from the Republic of Srpska and the FBiH, to come. Everyone wants to say something about “Jumko”, about us, and believe it for such a small area, it means a lot to be heard for the good – said Brankica.





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