Home News Agree to extend curfew and Easter celebrated in homes

Agree to extend curfew and Easter celebrated in homes


Republic of Srpska and Serbia have agreed on measures to extend curfew during Easter and are asking all believers to understand it, said Serb Presidency Member Milorad Dodik after meeting with Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić.

– We talked about Easter, the fact that we are in extraordinary circumstances and that we must not, because of the love we have for the Serbian Orthodox Church, allow the expansion of the virus to spread because we were somehow tolerant – Dodik said in a public address.

According to him, the measures in Srpska and Serbia have been harmonized, that is, the curfew and the ban on gathering will have to be extended to prevent the virus from expanding.

– We ask all believers to understand this. We have the opportunity to express our love of faith and Easter in the family circle while respecting the measures taken by the authorities. This is necessary. Without hesitation, we must prohibit movement and assembly, ” Dodik said.

He cited a good example in Montenegro, where the SOC urges believers not to come to temples, where priests will serve, but without the presence of the people.

– That’s an example. It is important that there is no gathering and that the possibility of spreading the epidemic is eliminated. This is an opportunity for other Church representatives to act like that, ”Dodik said.

He said that the Republic of Srpska would have gone much harder in terms of the epidemic, without Serbia’s help.

– Our efforts turned out to be good, we introduced timely termination of work of schools, retail chains, hotels. But the most significant measure is the quarantine at the border introduced for citizens coming from abroad. This gave the greatest results. We must not jeopardize this, so we should continue with all measures of the state. All people are important, and Easter is important, ”Dodik said.

The meeting was also attended by Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić.




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