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Agreement has not been reached


The Central Census Bureau of Bosnia and Herzegovina has not reached an agreement on a single program for BiH census data processing at yesterday’s meeting in Sarajevo.
Director of the BiH Statistics Agency, Velimir Jukic, has expressed his hope that the consensus could be reached with the support of highly leveled authorities respectively, the BiH Council of Ministers, by the expiration date of the legal deadline for the publication of census data, i.e. July 1.

Director of the Republika Srpska Statistics Institute, Radmila Cickovic has expressed regret for failing to reach an agreement at today’s meeting, hoping that reaching the consensus will be possible in a reasonable period of time.

She has reiterated the position that the question number 40 of the questionnaire should be included in the publication of results.

Director of the Statistics Institute of the Federation of BiH, Emir Kremic, has said that no one can be blamed over the failure to reach consensus tonight, hoping that the census data could be published within the legal deadline.

Adil Osmanovic, BiH Minister of Civil Affairs, who holds the position of the BiH Council of Ministers’ Census Coordinator, has said he cannot imagine that the census may fail, stressing that the BiH Statistics Agency should complete the work in accordance with the law.

Source: SRNA


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