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Agriculture in Herzegovina deserves special treatment


Agriculture in B&H should be treated with care and it is a pity that it’s not being used to a greater extent, said the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of Republika Srpska, Stevo Mirjanic.

He stated that he hopes that the plan for the long-term development of agriculture until 2020 will completely redefine the concept of agricultural development in Herzegovina in relation to Lijevce Polje, Semberija, the Romanija plateau and other parts of Srpska.

Stressing that Trebinje is a very interesting area for the production of grapes and wine, Mirjanic noted that the Government of Srpska and the line ministry pay great attention to the development of viticulture in this area.

“In the last three years, about four million KM of subsidies has been invested in Trebinje area”, recalled Mirjanic and added that it was mostly invested in the development of primary production, processing facilities, bee products, medicinal plants, fruits and vegetables.


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