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Agriculture – Srpska’s chance for growth


The Third International Symposium and the 19th Scientific Symposium on Agriculture in Republika Srpska was opened today in Trebinje by the Minister of Science and Technology and will be attended by scientist from B&H and abroad.

Komic pointed out that the continuation of such events is extremely important both for science and research as well as for individual areas, adding that the symposium is dedicated to the development of agriculture.

The development of agriculture means the development of Srpska, said Komic, adding that the symposium allows for the transfer of knowledge and ideas which can greatly contribute to the betterment of this sector. He explained that science is making a vital contribution to agriculture, especially in terms of new varieties.

President of the Managerial Committee of the Agriculture Symposium, Sinisa Mitric said that researches will share work and ideas on animal husbandry, agricultural economics, rural development, protection of plants, vegetables and fruit at the 19th Scientific Symposium on Agriculture.

Mitric said that specific lectures can significantly contribute to the development of agricultural production, adding that total production has varied year to year, which has made the growth and stagnation trends impossible to follow.

Scientists from the former Yugoslav countries, Bulgaria, Albania, Romania, Poland, Italy, Germany, Vietnam and Iran are participating in the symposium.


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