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Aleksandar Milosevic: It is necessary to modernize the curriculum to suit time and needs


In recent student elections, future student representatives were elected. We spoke with Aleksandar Milosevic, the secretary of the student organization of the Faculty of Law, about the work of this organization and the problems encountered by law students.

FRONTAL: The number of students enrolled in the Faculty of Law of the University of Banja Luka has been noticeably reduced over the last few years. What do you consider to be the main cause of this, and have you taken any actions so far or do you plan to take them to reach more students in the coming years?

MILOSEVIC: I think there are several causes. I would start with the most current one, namely population migration, then certainly the overproduction of legal staff that has definitely existed so far because of the great interest that has led to problems in finding a job, as well as the emergence of more private colleges that have increased competitiveness. Also, this is a situation in which not only the Faculty of Law is, but many other faculties located at our University and at other Universities in our area.

We strive to send a positive image in cooperation with the faculty and the University through activities. There are also Open Days, introducing high school students to the work program, reporting on activities through the media, etc. We want to say that we have a tradition, quality lecturers, lots of activities, top-notch technical equipment – here you will acquire the best and highest quality knowledge that will enable you to be employed in various activities.

Our goal is to enable internships, various projects and activities to attract prospective students to enroll in Law School, continue their education here and stay in their own country.

FRONTAL: What would you single out as the biggest problems that law students face?

MILOSEVIC: The biggest problems I would point out are that many large-scale subjects that require longer study are one-semester, as well as there is no elaborate system of practical work and other extracurricular activities and ways in which they would be implemented in the teaching process and evaluated.

Continuous modernization of the curriculum is needed to suit time and needs.

FRONTAL: Are you satisfied with the cooperation you have made with the faculty?

MILOSEVIC: I would rate the cooperation of our Organization and the students with the existing faculty management as excellent.

The administration is listening to all the student problems and requirements, they are always there and open to collaboration. Thanks to this excellent collaboration, many results and activities at the faculty have been made possible. Particularly commendable is the constant involvement of students in activities organized by both the professors and the administration, and the provision of a series of professional lectures at the faculty within the subjects being studied.

FRONTAL: The student organization provided a large number of internships to Law School students. What are your experiences and other ways of trying to strike a balance between theory and practice for law students?

MILOSEVIC: If I tell you that some of these practices have allowed our students to get a job or stay in some law offices to work and complete an internship, I think I told you everything.

What is characteristic of our Organization is the emphasis on practical work and the training of our students, which would enable greater expertise and competitiveness in the labor market and possibly lead to employment. We have organized the Practice Fair, and we have collaborated with a number of institutions as well as law and notary offices that allow our students to practice with them.

FRONTAL: What are the further activities of the law school student organization?

MILOSEVIC: We are working in accordance with our annual plan and program, and I must emphasize that for the time being, we have achieved everything planned and are satisfied. In the coming period, we will only work more intensively, so our students are expected to have a series of practices, workshops and lectures, as well as the traditional Conference of Law Students of the Former Yugoslavia.


Source: Frontal/ A.K.


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