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Alen Radošević – the only one in BiH who makes snare drums


Alen Radošević is talented young man from Prijedor. He is the only one in Bosnia and Herzegovina who makes snare drums. He started playing drums in high school, and with a couple of friends he founded a band in which he played amateur drums.

Фотографија корисника Jah Balebaroshi

The money that he collected as a student decided to invest in the purchase of a new instrument, but after reviewing the ads he encountered a man from Serbia who made drums. So the idea was born to invest the money in making his own drum.

Фотографија корисника AURA handmade drums

That’s how “AURA handmade drums” has developed that has been going on for years.

He use all kinds of hardwood for making drums, but the mostly he uses kinds of wood from our region. Also, he worked a couple of instruments of some kind of exotic wood.

Alen’s works can be viewed on Facebook: AURA handmade drums, YouTube channel: AURA handmade drums and Instagram: AURA handmade drums.


Author: Danka Savić

Photo: AURA handmade drums


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