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Alen Šeranić: The Situation Is Still Very Serious


The Minister of Health and Social Protection of the Republic of Srpska, Alen Šeranić, said that the epidemiological situation is still very serious.

– The number of people positive for the coronavirus on a daily basis ranges from 350 to 400 and that is better compared to the trend we had 14 days ago when there were 600 to 800 infected – said Šeranić.

He emphasized that the data on the number of hospitalized persons is worrying.

– We are monitoring the situation with the number of people who come to hospitals and that number is still around 1,200. From that aspect, we are worried and we are looking at how and in what way we do not provide health care to everyone who needs it – stated Šeranić.

When it comes to the meeting on the epidemiological situation, which will be held today in Doboj, Šeranić said that topics related to coordinated activities at the joint level will be discussed.

– First of all, the topic will be the procurement of vaccine against COVID19 … Also, we will discuss the joint procurement system with the European Commission on drugs and other consumables, where we joined back in August. The third topic concerns cooperation with international organizations – stated the Minister of Health and Social Welfare of the Republic of Srpska.

Šeranić said that doctors from the University Clinical Center of Republic of Srpska and representatives of the Ministry would visit the Hospital in Trebinje today, where they would talk to the director of this hospital and the hospitals in Nevesinje and Foča, about problems, organization of the hospital system and redistribution of capacity.

– It is important that colleagues from the UCC attend because the UCC has undergone a major transformation. It is important that we arrange certain things – he pointed out.

When it comes to vaccination against seasonal flu, Šeranić said that the interest of citizens in the vaccine has increased, not only in our country but all over the world. He stated that the permitted quantities of vaccine had been procured, but that the procurement of additional doses would be considered if the need arose.




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