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All measures remain in force until July 6


Minister of Health and Social Welfare of Republika Srpska, Alen Šeranić, points out that the epidemiological situation in Republika Srpska has worsened, and that the measures adopted by the Republika Srpska Emergency Situation Staff will remain in force until July 6.

Šeranić states that Republika Srpska is still in an emergency situation, that mandatory measures of wearing face masks indoors, disinfection, social distancing limiting the opening hours of all business entities until 11 pm, and banning the gathering of more than 50 people remain in force.

After the session of the Republic Emergency Situation Staff, Šeranić emphasizes that mostly those aged between 30 – 64, and 15 – 29 have been infected within the last seven days, and that the percentage of people over 65 positive for virus has greatly decreased.

“What is particularly important is that these are mostly people who are the contacts of the people positive for coronavirus, so we know where the infection originats from. Certain types of gatherings, most often family ones, with five or six infected members of the same family, were confirmed as the source of infection,” Šeranic stated at a press conference in Banjaluka.

He states that a certain percentage of people who traveled abroad were among the newly infected, while a certain percentage belongs to the workplace as a source of infection, which is why he appealed to employers and unions to implement the measures prescribed for certain business entities.

As for the situation in the hospitals Srpska wide, Šeranić mentioned that the number of hospitalized in the University Clinical Centre /UCC/ of Republika Srpska and the Prijedor Hospital has increased.

“There is a small number of patients with moderate clinical picture in Prijedor, most patients have mild clinical picture, but are hospitalized according to infectologists’ assessment. As for the UCC, there are currently 46 people admitted to the Infectious Diseases Clinic, two of whom are on ventilators, five are on oxygen, while the others have a moderate clinical picture,” said Šeranić.

He added that the worsening of the epidemiological situation was partly due to the opening of borders, and partly to people getting to relaxed in the community itself.

Šeranić stated that the inspection of the implementation of measures, primarily the control of the opening hours of catering facilities until 11 pm, was particularly discussed at the Staff’s session.

According to him, the Public Health Institute mentioned closed public spaces and public transport as potential hotspots, which is why wearing face masks in such places is mandatory.

“Health workers in most health institutions in Srpska did not use annual leave or days off, as we must take responsibility and show how we behave in order to prevent what we can,” said Šeranić.

He emphasized the measures in force were the only tools that could be used to fight the virus preventively, and once again asked all citizens to act in accordance with the recommendations.

Speaking about the upcoming summer months and spending time at pools and rivers, Šeranić pointed out that social distancing is the best prevention.

Source: srna


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