Home Politics “Although illogical and outside international law, this principle is still in effect”

“Although illogical and outside international law, this principle is still in effect”


Newly appointed Russian Ambassador to Serbia Alexander Botsan-Kharchenko said, adding that Russia will support “compromising and creative solution”, agreed upon between Belgrade and Pristina, which Russia could defend in the UN Security Council.

In an exclusive interview for Tanjug, Ambassador points out that he considers “the restoration of international law in the region” as his main assignment as Russian Ambassador to Serbia, and he believes that experience and understanding of Serbian interests in relation with Russia, both in the region and in Europe, will help him perceive future developments of our bilateral relations, and particularly cooperation when it comes to resolving Kosovo issue.

“As for the region, and given the experience of participating in international negotiations in Dayton, and so-called negotiation process on the Kosovo status, I believe that my task is to give a contribution to the stabilization of the whole region”, Botsan-Kharchenko said.

This assignment is, as he stressed, based on state policy and cooperation that was fully evident during the meeting of Presidents Putin and Vucic that took place in January.

“The only possible solution is a compromising solution, and our western partners have to change their standpoint. The proof for this lies in the recent events that took place in Kosovo, and the situation which is sometimes on the verge of significant incidents. I am now using very diplomatic discourse, but the situation is rather disturbing. I speak for myself, taking into account recent experience”, Botsan-Kharchenko added.

He considers that entire international community now has to direct its attention towards Kosovo and what seems to be happening there.

When asked about the prospects of the resumption of Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, Ambassador said that the conditions for resumption are still not met, as the tariffs remain in place, while Pristina doesn’t show readiness to implement previously adopted decisions.

“On the other hand, we see that some leading EU states request and want to play a more active role, that would contribute to restoring dialogue, but let me remind you, once again – they need to exert pressure on Pristina”, he underlined.

“Serbia plays and will play a significant role in the region. I say this with no intention of diminishing the significance of other states.”

“When we discuss regional stability, it has nothing to do with the size of the country in question, but with the potential for establishing cooperation among all, based on mutual respect. Reality speaks for itself, the history had proven it a fact, while people in Moscow are firmly confident that Serbia will play a crucial role in the region”, Botsan Kharchenko concluded.


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