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Ambassador Cormack: US remains reliable friend to Bosnia


The US remains firmly committed to being a reliable partner and friend to Bosnia and Herzegovina as we tackle the problems of the modern world, said US Ambassador to Bosnia Maureen Cormack at a reception organized in Sarajevo on Wednesday on occasion of the US Independence Day.

“I came to this country resolute to help Bosnia and Herzegovina and its citizens to achieve progress. Although we faced many challenges over the past few years, many successful projects have been implemented,” said the ambassador.

The ceremony marking the 242nd anniversary of the US independence gathered numerous guests, including the government representatives, diplomats and other prominent figures.

The ambassador touched upon the burning issue of electoral reform in the country during her speech, stressing it was about time to stop with the nationalist rhetoric and to focus on clear demands and needs of the citizens.

“There are practical, specific solutions, and the only way to implement the electoral reform is to have the political leaders take the responsibility and find the strength and courage to make hard decisions and reach a compromise. We, the European Union and our partners in the international community will continue assisting as long as the vote is not over and authorities formed,” said Cormack.

“And as we are celebrating our Independence Day, the day that unites the Americans more than any other day, thank you for your friendship – we remain committed to the cooperation to make Bosnia and Herzegovina a prosperous, tolerant and just country,” concluded the ambassador.


Source: N1


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