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Ambassador Minasi: Bosnia showed solidarity with Italy and we won’t forget it


Solidarity matters and Italy won’t forget the support that cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina showed during the crisis caused by the novel coronavirus, Italy’s Ambassador Nicola Minasi told a local newspaper on Wednesday.

“Seeing Sarajevo’s City Hall and a new bridge in Banja Luka in colours of Italy’s flag moved me a lot. Italy won’t forget it, and we stand with you now that the crisis starts emerging here as well,” the ambassador told Nezavisne novine daily.

vijećnica, italijaIzvor: Fena

most u banja luci, italijaIzvor: Grad Banja Luka

According to Minasi, the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is some sort of a test and the experience of Italy could be useful for Bosnia and Herzegovina now.

His country realised the importance of investing in the national healthcare system and that society can function only if all of its categories work for the general interest.

Italy is rediscovering its solidarity and becoming aware of its capabilities, said the ambassador.

“Not only medical equipment and financial assistance keep coming from the European Union, but also a huge experience and organisational capacities in the management of production, transport, economic intervention and social measures,” he stressed.

The infection proportion is expected to reduce in the coming one-month period and current effects are the result of restriction measures that were introduced two weeks ago, said the ambassador.

“However, we can see significant damage in the economy, and responding to that requires lot of wisdom, so we can understand who is in need the most and how to start the production in a sustainable way. Italy is experimenting with several solutions, and it is crucial to protect production capacities so that, once the health crisis is over, the whole system can gradually go back to the same activities, without permanent damage,” he added.


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