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Ambassador’s Presence to Mark Non-Existent “BiH Independence Day” – Political Abuse


Serb Member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik sent a letter to ambassadors, heads of diplomatic missions and consular posts, international organizations and missions accredited in BiH, reminding them that there is no law on national holidays in BiH, nor is there a consensus of representatives of constituent peoples and entities regarding by that question.

– As a result, neither “BiH Independence Day” nor March 1 is a “national holiday” in BiH, as you have been misled by politicians from the Federation of BiH for years. Celebrating this non-existent holiday adds to the confusion in BiH and leads to even deeper divisions in an already divided country such as BiH – said a Serb member of the BiH Presidency.

He stressed that their possible presence, or the presence of embassy representatives, headed by any commemoration that had to do with “March 1”, was ignoring BiH’s official positions and grossly interfering with unresolved internal issues in BiH.

– I accept the fact that the democratic right of each of the three constituent peoples in BiH is to mark their national holidays, but attempts to make these national holidays a “national holiday of BiH” and to use them to mark BiH institutions such as the Presidency, Parliament or the Council of Ministers, is the grossest misuse of these institutions – Dodik said.

He said that at the reception last night, organized by the BiH Presidency, Željko Komšić and Šefik Džaferović on the occasion of the non-existent “BiH Independence Day”, there were no representatives of the Serb people or representatives of Republic of Srpska in the institutions of BiH.

– By your presence at such commemorations you put yourself on one side and in this way you are politically abused – said the Serbian member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, expressing his deepest respect.




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