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Amending Dayton Accords Would Mean That Srpska Is No Longer in BiH


Serb member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik said today that any theory about amending the Dayton Accords would be the death penalty for BiH meaning that Republika Srpska was no longer in BiH.

“The Republic of  Srpska has no intent to discuss anything other than a return to the original Dayton Peace Agreement and constitutional competences,” Dodik said at the press conference in Belgrade after meeting with Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić.

He stressed that the international community devastated the Dayton Peace Agreement.

“Serbia is the guarantor to the Dayton Accords, but it has been removed from an important body such as the Peace Implementation Council /PIC/, which is consisted of some other countries. The PIC, along with the High Representative, declared the Dayton Accords, which is toppled,” Dodik stressed.

He added that Serb representatives in BiH institutions would be working to resolve the issue of the BiH-Serbia border as soon as possible.

“BiH has problems with defining the border, thus the Serb representatives in BiH institutions believe that Serbia’s request is justified,” Dodik said.

He voiced satisfaction with the progress of construction works on the Kuzmin-Rača motorway section and the Rača bridge and with Serbia’s assistance in the construction of the motorway to Bijeljina.

“We are doing everything to complete the Doboj-Rača motorway, which will connect Srpska with Belgrade, in the next five years,” Dodik said.

He thanked Vučić for supporting the Serb people in Drvar, stating that approximately 100 workers would be employed at the “Jumko” plant.

Dodik also voiced his expectation that the Bratoljub Bridge in Bratunac would be put into operation in a year and a half, as the BiH deadlock was eliminated.


Source: SRNA


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