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American in Quarantine in Novi Sad: Serbs Would Survive a Nuclear Catastrophe (VIDEO)


American Charles Cather remains “stuck” in Serbia over the coronavirus epidemic. He posts on his YouTube channel about his isolation. In one clip, he states that it’s better to be here than in “The USA without toilet paper.”

The video was released on March 16, a day after the state of emergency was introduced in Serbia, saying that Serbia was following the example of the rest of Europe.

“I am in isolation in Novi Sad. President Vučić urged senior citizens to stay in their homes and now I will show you through the window they do not respect that. I remember when it all started in Wuhan, I thought everything was pumped up by the media, it wouldn’t affect me. Then I saw it spread here and there and I thought, I’m a horror-loving man, things about pandemics, man, what if that really happened. I never dreamed that they would quit sports events like that. But that’s what’s happening now, ” says Charles.

“I thought it might be wiser to be stuck here in Serbia than to be in the US during a disaster. Americans really don’t know anything about these disasters, I mean the people who are alive today.  I thought, this is happening in America, why not stay in Serbia, these people know how to survive disasters. Serbia has gone from war to war for years. The Balkan wars, World War I that almost completely wiped out the male population, many people returning from Corfu found many diseases, then you have the 90s, of course, hyperinflation, sanctions, and they survived, ” the American said.

He added that if a catastrophe that wiped out a population, such as a nuclear one, were to happen, Serbs would probably survive as well.



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