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American policeman’s support to combat terrorism


Zvornik – A police sergeant from Maricopa County in the US state of Arizona, Chris Malast, mailed a bracelet to the Zvornik Police Station, which he made in memory of a police officer Dragan Djuric, who was killed in the terrorist attack on this station on April 27, and two medallions for wounded police officers, Gajic Zeljko and Stevo Milovanovic.In his cover letter, Malast called the police officers in Republika Srpska and BiH his brothers and sisters and stated that everyone’s goal, regardless of race, religion or nationality, is to protect the weak and the justice.

After he heard about the attack on the police station in Zvornik and the murder of officer Djuric, Malast, in according to the American tradition, made a bracelet and engraved “In honor and memory of a police officer Dragan Djuric, the Republika Srpska Ministry of Interior.”

He explained that he was wearing a bracelet in memory of Dragan from April to June, during training and competition at the World Police and Fire Games Virginia.

“Now I would like you to deliver the bracelet to the family of the murdered police officer, and the medallions to the wounded policemen. This is a small thing, but I want you to know that you have support from around the world, as law and order keepers,” Malast noted in the letter.

Chief of the Zvornik Public Safety Station, Stanimir Vidovic, said that they were surprised by a letter from the States but also were glad about it.

“A colleague from Arizona sent us a letter of support in combat terrorism, medallions to colleagues who were injured in the terrorist act, and the bracelet to the family of murdered policeman which he carried in memory of the murder police officer,” said Vidovic.

He added that the support gesture by the American policeman is a proof that the people world-wide condemn this act of terrorism and combat it.

“After delivering the bracelet and medallions to the family of murdered policeman Djuric and wounded policemen Gajic and Milovanovic, we will send a letter of thanks to officer Malast for this form of support,” said Vidovic.

Source: SRNA
Photo: RTRS


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