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American rapper Ice Cube published a picture of partisan Lepa Radić from the Second World War


The famous American rapper Ice Cube belongs to a group of public figures who have paid great attention to the murder of George Floyd and the fight against racism in recent weeks.

However, one of his posts especially attracted the attention of Twitter users from the Balkans.

He published a picture of Lepa Radić, a posthumously decorated partisan, who was hanged when she was only 17 years old.

She escaped from the Ustasha prison on December 23, 1941, and joined the partisans.

She was a fighter of the Grbavačka company of the Kozara detachment until the break of the ring on Kozara, in July 1942, and in August 1942 she moved to Podrgmeč with the fighters of the detachment.

Her father Sveto, 15-year-old brother Milan, and uncle Vlado were killed in the Kozara offensive. Lepa was instructed in fieldwork with the youth.

She became a member of the Municipal Committee of the CPY. She also went into action as a fighter. In the Fourth Enemy Offensive, in February 1943, she was in charge of transferring the wounded and organizing escapes in Grmeč. However, she found herself in the ring after the offensive of the German unit, Prince Eugene, and then she was captured.

Before she was hanged, she shouted the words of defiance known today: “Long live the Communist Party and the partisans! Fight, people, for your freedom, do not give yourself to the villains! Let them kill me, there will be someone to avenge me! ”

Interestingly, Ice Cube found inspiration in her sacrifice, almost eight decades later…




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