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Ammar Mešić: The only Serbian actor in the “Game of Thrones” series reveals secret details from the shooting


Ammar Mesic, 27, is the only domestic Serbian actor who appeared in the famous “Game of the Thrones” series and delighted all viewers in the region.

Ammar is a hard-working, young guy who, with his efforts and dedication, wants to get a better role in both the domestic and the foreign acting scene.
















How did you get the role in the “Game of Thrones”?

It seemed so easy for me, as a completely normal way to the role. Now, it looks like I needed a lot of luck. I have met the agent Anila Gajevic at the Film Festival in Sarajevo Film. She promised me that she will let me know if something comes up for me, and it usually the promise remains the promise. This time it was different.

Only after I returned to Belgrade, she invited me and asked me to send her my photos. And that’s how it all began, some good photos, and later short castings were enough to get a very small role in the “Game of Thrones.” For me, this role was not small, because it brought me a great experience and a chance to see how greats work.

What kind of impression did you have about the actors, are they accessible or pretentious?

Speaking about the greats, this series marked the lives of many actors who became great thanks to it. My impression was that starts existed only out of the premises where it was shooting. No one was different than us “little” ones, and no one asked for any special treatment. We spent all the time out of the set in one way, and we ate the same food, and we lived together.

Describe one day of shooting, how many times do you repeat the same scene, what is behind the scenes?

The actors are hiding behind the scenes to grab some time to sleep in the pauses because shooting the whole day can be very long. The thing that made everybody’s life easier is that the production is a well-lubricated mechanism and we always knew what to do. Some scenes were repeated three or four times, but it is not hard to work in a city of Dubrovnik, which has been our great host.

How did it look like when you were shooting the scene when Cersei is walking naked through Dubrovnik?

The whole street was redecorated to look like the King’s harbor and to the disappointment of many, it was completely closed. I’m sure that no one but the actors and statists could be present.

How did the citizens of Dubrovnik react to that scene?

I believe they were sad because they couldn’t be there. But many actors are from Dubrovnik, and the stories about this scene will probably become a legend one day.

Taking into consideration that it was clear it was a body double at the screen, can you reveal some details related to it?

It was done in such a way that I didn’t realize right away that it was a double. When we took the close up shots I saw that the real queen was standing next to me, and the unknown double was there in the previous scene. Movie magic can fool you during the shooting.

How many seasons have you played in the series, how did Dubrovnik change in that time?

I have played in the fifth season, in two episodes. That is why I say that my role was small and I don’t understand why media give it so much attention. Perhaps it states how big this series is.

Who is your favorite for the Iron Throne? Who would you like to see ruling over the Seven Kingdoms?

John Snow, without a doubt.

If you can choose one more role, any role in the series, which one it would be and why?

I would choose Arya, because she has a fighting spirit, she is smart, and she likes to learn. Those are the skills everybody needs in life, especially the people who are in acting, because if we stop fighting and working on our selves, we are done.

Do you still have contact with some of the actors?

No, but who knows, we might meet again.

How do you take negative comments which were on social networks these days?

Great. I woke up, I read them, I get angry, I call some of my friends and we curse together. Then I have my coffee and I move on. None of those comments were about anything that I have done. They were about my origin, unusual name, and my attitudes. And I don’t plan on changing any of that.

What are your plans for a future acting career?

I would like if I could afford plans. I would love it if the roles in Serbia were given on auditions.


1) Have a dragon or dire wolf for a pet?

I love animals, but I can’t imagine having a dragon at home. So, a dire wolf, because I can cuddle with it.

2) Bring back Oberin or Ned Stark?

Ned Stark, I really loved him during the first season. I believed that no one will be so cruel to kill one of the main characters. And perhaps, this is why we love this series, it surprises us.

3) Fight with white walkers, the dead, and the Night King, or Danny’s dragons?

I try to learn to know the difference between good and evil and to be on the side of good. I would fight the white walkers.

4) Find out how the series is going to end or found out what Podrick did to those girls in the Brothel?

Neither, I like when “The game of Thrones” surprises me.

5) Would you rather be Dothraki or a wildling?

Wildling, obviously. I am from Prijepolje. I was a scout and I love nature. And it is somewhat normal for us from Serbia to live like wildlings, from today to tomorrow.

6) Kill Ramsay or Walder Frey?

If I were a director, both of them would survive.

7) be infected by greyscale infection (like Jorah), or have your friends stab you in the snow like John?

I would rather be stabbed like John.

Ammar appeared in the series like “Vojna akademija“, “Santa Maria della Salute“, “Savrsen život“, “Otvorena vrata“, “Papijeva ekipa” and in many pooular commercials.


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