Home Entertainment An American about the impressions from Republika Srpska (VIDEO)

An American about the impressions from Republika Srpska (VIDEO)


He replaced his hometown Chicago for Novi Sad, enjoys home-made food and beer, teaches Serbian history, tradition and mentality.

The most famous American with an address in Serbia, Charles Cather describes his life in the Balkans in an interesting way and reveals little secrets of survival on his Youtube channel. A few years ago he visited Republika Srpska, since then he has come a lot.

“I’m a proud American here and I proudly wear a Republika Srpska shirt. Everything I heard about Republika Srpska is propaganda itself,” says Charles.

“The nature in that part of the world is untouched and gorgeous. You’ve got hills, trees, mountains, streams, clear streams. You’ve got fun happening nightlife in Banja Luka, Bijeljina is beautiful and has one of the most beautiful churches I’ve ever seen in my life,” says Charles in a video for SeeSrpsko ends with:“Give Republika Srpska a chance, my friends, you won’t regret it!”

The Facebook group “I Hate Americans” brought Charles to Serbia. He started a discussion in this group with Dragan, who is now a good friend of his, he heard from him about the relations between Serbia and America. He decided to come and meet the country he knew little about, and everything was the opposite of what he had heard back home.

The manager’s job in Chicago was replaced by a job at Novi Sad’s “Work and Travel Group” agency. He travels a lot, most often in T-shirts with the inscription Republika Srpska and the flag of Serbia.


















Source: seesrpska.com




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