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An American Company in the Heart of Semberija


Igor Perić, from Bijeljina with the American company “BioMech”, has opened a company in Bijeljina that employs 12 workers. The aim of the young IT expert is to recognize the potential of young people from our region by foreign companies. They were visited by US Ambassador Eric Nelson.

“BioMech” is a technological development center engaged in the analysis of movements and vibrations in industry and various fields. They export exclusively to the US market.

– We measure things like the center of balance, the center of attention, the way of walking and to send this information to relevant persons, clinicians, doctors, experts who can use this information for various diagnostics, that is, to evaluate the effectiveness of some therapies or treatments – emphasizes Igor Perić.

Young engineers and developers, with knowledge, versatility and hard work, prove that they can build the future and have a great perspective in their own country.

– This is one of the most positive examples in our city, and maybe in the whole of Srpska, how young people are given space for progress, work and improvement – said the programmer Stefan Petković.

Ivana Pijetlović, a student of the Filip Višnjić High School, emphasizes that this comes as a continuation of her education.

– During my education, I did not gain any experience or knowledge in programming and software engineering myself, so I considered this a great opportunity where I could continue my education and work on myself – said Pijetlović.

This company is a good example of STARTUP companies of people returning from the Diaspora and investing in their homeland, said representatives of the US Embassy

“I would urge and encourage officials in Republic of Srpska and BiH to listen to people like Igor, who have an idea of ​​how to attract foreign direct investment and hire young, talented people in BiH,” said Eric Nelson, US Ambassador to BiH.

The company “BioMech” plans to increase the number of employees. They also organize training for students and high school students, with the intention of contributing to the development of their city and of Srpska, so that young people will remain in this area.




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