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An eight meters mural of Novak Đoković in Trnovo

ИСТОЧНО САРАЈЕВО, 28. ЈУЛА /СРНА/ - Мурал Новака Ђоковића на стамбеној згради на Tргу Срђана Кнежевића у Трнову, аутора Милоша Поповића, сликара из Источног Сарајева.

Academic painter from East Sarajevo, Miloš Popović, the author of the mural of Novak Đoković, which was painted on a residential building on Srdjana Kneževića Square in Trenuvo.

Popović adds that the mural is eight meters high and that it is probably the largest mural dedicated to the best tennis player in the world – Novak Đoković.

– It took five days for the mural to be completed. The sketch was transferred to the wall through the so-called “network” which was also used by old masters where they transferred their small sketches to the ceilings of churches, large canvases, and thus received reference points – explains Popović, adding that graphic design students Đorđe Paštar and Boris Tomić helped him during the work.

Popović says that the murals themselves attract a lot of public attention so that on the first day, one could sense from the outlines and contours that it was the character of Novak Đoković, which encouraged the entire team to continue their work.

The initiative for making the mural, as he said, was initiated by the Tourist Organization of the Municipality of Trnovo, and he gladly accepted their invitation.

– My primary interest is related to other painting techniques. Although this is not the first mural I have painted, I admit that at first, I thought it was a big task for me. I had the opportunity to try this technique in the previous period when I painted a mural on Jahorina, however, it was less demanding than this one in Trnovo – said Popović.

Popović adds that the first reactions were positive, but there were also those who thought it was a paradox because there are closer motives related to Trnovo.

– Considering that Novak is number one in the world of sports, that is a global message. I believe that everyone who visits this small municipality will use the opportunity to take photos next to the mural, and at least spend a short time in this small place, which really has a rich tourist offer – said Popović.




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