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An Ethno Settlement is being built near Sokolac, worth 850,000 BAM


On the main road Sarajevo – Belgrade, at a distance of one kilometer from the center of Sokolac, there is now a well-known ethno restaurant “KUM”. Due to the very pleasant ambient in natural surroundings, the cordial staff, as well as due to the variety of traditional Romanesque dishes, this catering facility has become a favorite place for a holiday and a break not only for people from Sokolac, but also for travelers from different countries of the world.

Due to increasing interest in accommodation capacities, the company “SBS PROMET” d.o.o. Sokolac started an upgrade and expansion of the restaurant “KUM” at the beginning of September. An ethno settlement will be built here, according to the website of the municipality of Sokolac.

In the first phase, three cottages with a surface of 45 square meters, will be built which will be adapted to four-bed apartments with a living room, bathroom, sleeping room – gallery and a terrace. The apartments will also have their own parking, their own access to the road and internet access.

In the second phase of construction, which is supposed to start in the spring of 2018, it is planned to build another three cottages of the same area, a mansion, sports fields, and a promenade. After the completion of the second phase, the ethno settlement will be 4. 700 square meters large and the accommodation capacities will be increased to 32 beds.

At the moment, the restaurant section of the restaurant “KUM” is being built, and upon completion of the works, this catering facility will have the possibility of receiving 230 guests. The guest offer will be from two-day to ten-day stays with the boarding house, and there will be organized tourist tours to Jahorina, Sarajevo, Romanija, as well as sightseeing of natural beauty in our region.

The total value of this investment is 850,000 BAM.



Source: sarajevotimes


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