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An Invitation to Celebrate Republic Day in Peace and Dignity


The Ministry of the Interior of Republic Srpska is launching enhanced security measures to celebrate a favorable state of security in the coming period on January 9th, Republic Day.

– We invite all citizens of Republic Srpska to come to Banja Luka, to celebrate Republic Srpska Day in peace and dignity – said the statement of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Srpska.

The Republic Srpska Ministry of the Interior points out that citizens wishing to monitor the ceremonial defile in Banja Luka should obey the orders of police officers on the ground and not carry any pyrotechnics or other dangerous items with them. The advice to citizens is that they do not carry backpacks and bags with them for ease of movement and to avoid crowds, and that they certainly carry an identification document with them.

– We remind media representatives, other entities as well as citizens that the use of drones is prohibited in the area of ​​Banja Luka on January 9 for the safety of participants. At the same time, representatives of media outlets that have been accredited for monitoring all events organized for the occasion of the Republic Day celebration in Banja Luka should have a clearly accredited statement – it is noted in a statement.

They are accrediting that the accreditations will be able to be lifted as early as January 8th at 07:00 at the Borik Sports Hall in Banja Luka.

Without accreditation, it will not be possible to enter the Borik Sports Hall on January 9. Media representatives are required to obey the orders of police officers in the field.


Source: RTRS


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