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An IT Company from Banja Luka is opening a Development Center in Serbia


Today in the City Hall in Zrenjanin, an agreement was signed on cooperation between this city, the Technical Faculty “Mihajlo Pupin” and the Banja Luka company LANACO.

This agreement envisions the opening of a development center by the end of this year with the aim of creating quality staff in cooperation with the Faculty, which is crucial for the further development of the ICT sector, as well as to support the IT industry in Zrenjanin.

“LANACO is a successful Banja Luka firm that develops its own programs and cooperation with it opens up a lot of space for inclusion of our potentials, even in the public sector”, deputy mayor Dusko Radisic stated.

On this occasion, he thanked the dean of the faculty Dragica Radosav and professor Branko Markoski, who initiated a new type of cooperation.

“We concluded an agreement with the renowned IT company LANACO from Banja Luka. I hope that in the following period we will successfully cooperate and find a model to be used in this ruthless IT world. Our city wants to keep this company right here, it paves the way for advancement for young people,” said Dean Radosav.

The general manager of LANACO Nebojsa Ninic said that this company is investing in the development of the academic community with the desire that young talented staff come into contact with the most important aspects of the IT process on time and in the right way, in order to reach their full potential in the time that is ahead us.




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