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An Open Exhibition on the Life and Work of Peter Handke


The President of the Academy of Sciences and Arts of the Republic of Srpska, Rajko Kuzmanović, opened an exhibition in Banja Luka today, which contains photo documentation, as well as an extensive biographical and bibliographic text and an accompanying catalog on the life and literary work of Nobel laureate Peter Handke.

Kuzmanović said that this exhibition is a small gift to a great man – Handke, scientist, writer, academic, and Nobel Prize winner.

– The exhibition was organized on the occasion of the awarding of the Nobel Prize for Literature to Handke last year. Handke was nominated for this award much earlier, but the proposal was withdrawn, due to his friendly and objective attitude towards Serbs during and after the defense-patriotic war – said Kuzmanović during the opening of the exhibition.

He reminded that the injustice towards Handke was corrected last year, and proudly pointed out that this Austrian writer is a great friend of Serbs, Serbia, and the Republic of Srpska.

– He is the only European intellectual who rose up against injustice towards Serbs during the Patriotic War from 1992 to 1995, and thus built a strong and lasting friendly relationship with Serbia and the entire Serbian people – said Kuzmanović.

According to him, this relationship began more than 20 years ago when Handke arrived in BiH and was directly convinced of the political war and the overall situation.

– He soon realized that the world had wrongly put itself in the service of only one side, in this case, the Bosniak one and that the blame was unjustifiably shifted to only one side – the Serbian side – stated Kuzmanović.

He also said that Handke, after publishing the book “Justice for Serbia”, in which he called on Western countries to change their approach to the war and the policy of misclassification, which go against Serbs in BiH, became excluded from the global intellectual community overnight, and his nomination for the Nobel Prize was even suspended.

– All this did not discourage Handke from continuing to write and create works in the same direction, so after the bombing of Belgrade, he arrived in Serbia and strongly protested against that attack – said Kuzmanović.

The co-author of the exhibition Ranko Popović said that the immediate reason for the exhibition is that Handke has been a foreign member of ANURS since 2008, as well as the promotion of his work in such a way that it is not only popular for what can be read about it in the press. that his works become the subject of interest of readers.

– Those who know him well, reading his original works, say that Handke is a great writer in the German language, one of the few who pushes the boundaries in his language, and that cannot be felt in translation – said Popović.




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