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Ana Brnabić: With the Council of Ministers First About “Bratoljub”


Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić expressed her expectation that the newly elected Council of Ministers will first work on opening the Ljubovija-Bratunac border crossing and putting into operation the Bratoljub bridge, which was built two and a half years ago.

“Another border crossing would be a new sign that we are closer and have better relations,” she told reporters.

She expressed her hope that an agreement will be reached in the coming year for BiH to join the “little Schengen” initiative launched by Serbia, Albania and Northern Macedonia.

“I think it would be in the interest of all citizens of BiH because we are trying to create a bigger market and be more attractive to foreign direct investment,” Brnabić said.

According to her, “a small Schengen” would at the same time allow local businessmen in the region a larger market while eliminating long waits in customs.

She noted that the trade in goods in the region is “by far the largest” and that Serbia’s exports to BiH are “higher than Serbia’s exports to Russia, China and the USA together”.

“The problem is that we do not have a greater volume of trade with each other is that we have huge administrative barriers, first and foremost, at customs,” she said.

Brnabić also said that the “little Schengen” initiative is looking to remove those administrative initiatives, saying that it would also be important to stop economic migration in the region.

She expressed confidence that this would give a clear message to young people that the perspective of the region was different.

“I hope that BiH recognizes its interest in this and that in 2020 we will work together to implement this initiative,” Brnabić said.




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