Dragomir Andjelkovic, a political analyst, has said that the agreement reached by Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik and BiH Presidency Chairman Bakir Izetbegovic is constructive and protects the interests of Srpska, solves an important problem and represents a model for the future because it confirms consensus principle.
Andjelkovic has told SRNA that the agreement reached yesterday in Istocno Sarajevo, is a serious shift towards “more serious behavior” of Bakir Izetbegovic, who, as he said, probably understood the new trends in the behavior of Turkey, therefore starting to adjust to it.

Particularly important for him is that Izetbegovic admitted the mistake he earlier made and clearly showed that the only agreement factor in Republika Srpska is the leader of the ruling party in Republika Srpska, the SNSD, i.e. Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik.

“He has shown that it can only be President Dodik and that the agreement with Republika Srpska cannot be reached with those who have not got the power in Srpska. Those who hold power in Banjaluka are the ones to address to, which is the message of yesterday’s meeting,” said Andjelkovic.

He has pointed out that Dodik, in fact, had to correct the mistakes made by the Alliance for Change, because “the idea is that the Serb representatives in joint institutions protect the interests of Republika Srpska, not practice their own independent politics in their own interest.”

“It is evident that the Alliance for Changes sits in Sarajevo not because of Republika Srpska, but for themselves. They do nothing to block the decisions negative for Republika Srpska, or to fight for a solution good to Banjaluka. Now, Dodik directly came up with a model good for Srpska, too” said Andjelkovic.

According to him, the behavior of the Alliance for Change proves that having the Srpska opposition representatives in the joint bodies is a bad system.

“As in the former Yugoslavia, it automatically should be those who hold power in Srpska and the Federation of BiH, as joint bodies are` joint`, meaning the authorities of the two entities, not individual political parties,” said Andjelkovic and underlined the opposition’s reactions to the agreement are completely incomprehensible.

He says that it is fully incomprehensible that the Serb parties’ representatives see the agreement that is good for both BiH and Republika Srpska as something bad.

“Why such a reaction? Because it turned out that the Alliance’s function is meaningless. They hold positions in the joint bodies, while the problems are being solved without them. They did not want the problems to be solved in order to make pressure on Banjaluka before the local elections. So, they abused power they hold, while their function is to protect the interests of Republika Srpska not to work against Banjaluka. The inappropriate reactions should be seen in this context,” stressed Andjelkovic.

As for the negative reaction to Dodik – Izetbegovic Agreement from Mostar, in particular by Dragan Covic, Andjelkovic has said that BiH now entered a “very delicate” situation, which is largely created by the relations in Europe and the world.

“One part of Muslim politicians, including Izetbegovic, had close ties with the West and Turkey. Now, after a confrontation between Erdogan and the West, they will have to take sides; if they are rational, but it seems that the rationality prevails, they will turn to Turkey, because Turkey can help them more, and is a factor to rely on, while the West solely misuses them” said Andjelkovic.

In that context, he assesses that if Turkey is in good relations with Russia, it will be possible that the Bosniaks reach agreement with the Serbs.

“So, the Muslims with the help of Turkey, and Serbia, with the help of Russia, will reach some compromise instead of serving the West. In such case, the Croats drop out,” says Andjelkovic.

In his opinion, the Croats in BiH, in addition to periodic “existential cooperate with Republika Srpska”, are exponents of Zagreb and the West, and will do anything to disrupt any “growing rapprochement between Serbs and Muslims.”

” In case of any rapprochement between Sarajevo and Banjaluka, the Croats will be a destabilizing factor in BiH”, concluded Andjelkovic.

Source: Srna


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