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Andrea Vuković: Introduce The Srpska Times


Boundaries are important. It is more important to cross them. The Srpska Times will build bridges over big differences; look for alternative roads in unapproachable communication zones.

It will be a source of accurate and validated information on politics, economy environment and social topics, as well as platform for open and clear communication of Republika Srpska and all its citizens with the International Community and all current and future partners and friends of Republika Srpska in the world.

The Srpska Times will offer optimism and represent each capacity of Republika Srpska, capacities for investing in companies, ideas and people, capacity for better life and greater pleasure.

The Srpska Times will remind all those elected or appointed individuals of their responsibility to provide free and dignified everyday of any citizen in Republika Srpska in 21st century. None of seriously given promises will not be left unforgotten.

The Srpska Times will be media welcoming any partner and friend out of boundaries of Republika Srpska. It will send s single message to each citizen of Republika Srpska unreserved – stay here. Since, if we look from the Moon, maybe there is no difference between a village in Banjaluka vicinity and the one in London surroundings. But, looked from the ground, it seems it is a bit nicer here.

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