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Andrićgrad: The clash of cultures at the bridge in Višegrad (PHOTO/VIDEO)


Andrićgrad is a tourist, cultural, administrative and educational complex located on the peninsula between the rivers Drina and Rzava, about 300 meters from the famous Višegrad’s bridge of Mehmed Sokolović.

The complex was created as the idea of director Emir Kusturica about a stone medieval town inspired by the works of the Nobel prize winner Ivo Andrić.

It is, in fact, a vision that Visegrad could have seemed to have not bypassed the Renaissance and other historical periods.

In architectural terms, the city itself is a mixture of different epochs and styles that have shifted through the history of this area: the Byzantine style, the Ottoman period, the Renaissance, the classicism. During the walk through the main street-corset, visitors will be able to return to the past. It practically combines two periods – fragments of the Renaissance with the Ottoman period and Byzantium.

Within Andrićgrad there are educational and scientific facilities, such as Ivo Andrić Institute with Slavic Center and Academy of Fine Arts, Renaissance Theater, a Modified replica of Medieval monastery Dečani, Multiplex with 3 cinema halls, galleries, and numerous accommodation and catering facilities.


Source: seesrpska


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