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Andy McGuffie: Functional public broadcasting system in B&H is a priority


Spokesman for the EUD and EUSR, Andy McGuffie, in regards to the information on activities undertaken in Republika Srpska on the establishment of the PBS corporation, said that independent and professional media institutions are a prerequisite for a thriving, modern and democratic society.

He added that the reform to the Public Broadcasting System, which means the establishment of a PBS corporation, is necessary for digitalization and the strengthening of the current public broadcasting system.

This fact was repeatedly emphasized in the European Commission’s annual Progress Reports, said McGuffie.

“We urge all actors in B&H to direct their attention and resources to strengthening the independence and professionalism of the current channels in the public broadcast system. This also requires the setting up of a corporate structure for B&H’s public broadcast system and the harmonisation of entity-level laws with the law on Public Broadcasting System of B&H. Furthermore, the issue of digitalization must be addressed urgently. Otherwise it is possible that the B&H citizens may not have the option of watching on their TV screens certain programmes such as Eurovision, UEFA Champions League, Euronews exchange and so on”, said McGuffie in a statement to the media.

He added that the finalization of the PBS reform needs to result in the development of a functional, editorially independent, cost-effective and efficient Public broadcasting system in the best interest of the public and in accordance with EU standards.


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