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Anniversary of Laza Lazarević’s death


The great Serbian writer and physician Laza Lazarević, the creator of the anthological works “People Will Reward All This”, “Verter”, To Matins with Father for the First Time” … died to this day in 1891.

Lazarević is one of the best Serbian realists. He completed his law in Belgrade and his medical degree in Berlin. He has only written nine, but anthological, stories.

He translated Russian writers Nikolai Chernyshevsky, Nikolai Gogol and Alexey Pisemsky. As a physician, he participated in the organization of medical services in Serbia and published fifty-four papers in professional medical journals.

Laza Lazarević was a writer for realist stories. He possessed an extraordinary literary gift. Because of the quality of his writing, he has been translated into twenty languages.

He also succeeded as a physician, having developed a private practice, treating the king.

Lazarević surveyed Belgrade students and some other infirm members of society for free. He distributed medicines and clothing to them.

The reason why he published a small number of literary works lies in the fact that he was very devoted to the medical profession and to scientific papers. In addition, he worked carefully on each of his narratives to present the perfect combination of style, composition and language.

Laza was a psychologist in short stories. He is the originator of a psychological story and one of the best Serbian stylists.

In 1888, Laza Lazarević became a member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences.

He opened the Department of Treatment for the Elderly, contributing to the development of geriatrics. He advocated vaccination against infectious diseases and the disinfection of schools, whose premises were used for medical purposes and the treatment of the wounded during the war.

Special Hospital for Psychiatric Diseases “Dr. Laza Lazarevic” at Padinska Skela in Belgrade was named after him.




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