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Announcements on the formation of authority by the end of the month are not feasible


SNSD President Milorad Dodik has said on Sunday evening that announcements by SDA leader Bakir Izetbegović that the authority in the BiH level could be formed by the end of the month are not concretely feasible.

“Bakir and his stories and terms … Imagine what kind of seriousness is that when he comes to the meeting yesterday at which he says that he believes that relations will be normalized, and he has only one request that the Croats give up changing the Election Law, which is essentially the only thing they are looking for”, Dodik told reporters in Mostar.

Dodik says that he and the SNSD, unlike Izetbegović, did not condition the formation of the authority at any time.

“We are ready to do it immediately for the sake of good movements towards the EU. This is lost, of course. Timing has been lost, which is important both in life and in politics”, Dodik said.

He has described the process of the formation of the authority at the BiH level as harrowing.

“At first, we had a harrowing when Bakir was trying to gather Muslims around him because there were other groups around the SDP at the time. At that time, neither DF leader Željko Komšić was with him, nor SBB president Fahrudin Radončić. Then he somehow managed to do it and began to make requests so it is unnecessary to talk about anything”, Dodik said.

He recalled that an agreement was reached between the SNSD, the HDZ BiH and the SDA to form a government within 30 days, and then nothing would come of it.

“I heard the other day that he expects that the agreement will be implemented, and the agreement states that it is valid for 30 days. How it will be implemented something that has been over more than a month. Interestedly, Bakir Izetbegović entertains this people”, Dodik said.


Source: srna


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