Home Business Annual trade between Russia and B&H reaches $700 million

Annual trade between Russia and B&H reaches $700 million


Trade between B&H and Russia is on the rise and currently stands at over $700 million a year, said the Deputy Russian Foreign Minister, Alexei Meshkov. At a meeting with the B&H Presidency, he described his visit to B&H as a further commitment to developing the economic relations between the two countries.

He said that this is evident in the fact that Russia’s Gazprom Company is present in both B&H Entities with serious plans for further investment, that a regular air route has opened between Moscow and Sarajevo and that the largest Russian bank, Sberbank, has arrived in B&H with serious economic plans and intentions.

The B&H Presidency announced that Russia is sincere in its desire for B&H to become a stable and prosperous country.



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